Jaimie Mintz & Rachel Steinberg

Sharing a love for coffee, events & people!


We are Jaimie and Rachel and we were born and raised in the city of Toronto. We’ve been best friends for almost two decades and thought the only way we could get closer would be to open a business together! Throughout our late nights studying in High School and University we developed a love for coffee ( the only thing that kept us up all night). With our experience in the events industry, we’ve always known that there was one thing that was always missing and that was unique coffee service.  


There are so many options when it comes to event planning but the one thing that stays the same is plain, old, BORING, coffee service. Our mobile coffee bar is a one-stop shop in providing your guests their caffeine fix in a more unique and interactive way.  Whether you are planning a wedding, house party, charity event or even a corporate event we bring the brewing to you.

We are here to revolutionize the coffee industry!